About Us

White Oak Frozen Foods, a division of Cascade Specialties, Inc. and part of the Jain America family, is a manufacturer & supplier of conventional & organic Natural & Fire Roasted Reduced Moisture frozen vegetables.  Our unique process reduces moisture of freshly prepared vegetables by 30 - 50% to control syneresis and weepage when thawed or heated. This process also includes an HT/ST (High Temperature/Short Time) microbiological system that guarantees a pathogen free product. Compared to traditional IQF Vegetables our Reduced Moisture Frozen Vegetables:

Have Higher Piece Counts.  Less water means higher vegetable solids, resulting in more pieces per pound - better value - saves space - less weight.

More Intense Flavor & Color.  The 30 - 50% increase in vegetable solids results in products with brighter color and concentrated flavor.

Consistent Quality.  Control of raw material thru all process steps - including White Oak’s proprietary SHS micro control unit - assures consistant year round quality and safety.

In addition:

  • Free moisture is eliminated.
  • Little or no product shrinkage.
  • Smaller and fewer ice crystals
  • Minimal damage to cell structure benefits:
    • Improved Functionality
    • Better texture, color and flavor
    • Improved piece identity
    • Remove free water transfer in formulas and finished products
  • Processing ease avoids:
    • Less fusion of pieces during freeze-thaw cycles
    • Peeling, trimming, or waste issues
  • Bottom line cost savings by:
    • Lower freight, storage, and handling costs
    • Higher piece count per pound