About Us

White Oak Frozen Foods, a division of Cascade Specialties, Inc. and part of the Jain America family, is a manufacturer & supplier of conventional & organic Natural & Fire Roasted Reduced Moisture frozen vegetables.  Our unique process reduces moisture of freshly prepared vegetables by 30 - 50% to control syneresis when thawed or heated. 

Advantages of using White Oak Frozen Foods products are:

Food Safety - RTE (Ready to Eat).  All White Oak Frozen Foods products comply with local, state and federal requirements as “Ready-to-Eat” foods.

According to the definition of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Ready-to-Eat (RTE) foods refers to “food that is in a form that is edible without washing, cooking or heating by the consumer and that it is reasonably expected to be consumed in that form”.

In conjunction with RTE compliance, White Oak has incorporated a proprietary pasteurization step in our process.  This important proprietary step has been validated by a third part laboratory which is ISO 17025 accredited.  The validation centers on the organisms of concern, Salmonella and Listeria.

Upon discharge from the pasteurizer, the product is conveyed in a sealed system into a clean room under positive pressure atmosphere, conditioned with chilled, HEPA filtered ari, where the product is frozen, screened for final size classification, metal detected and packaged.

Lower freight, storage, and handling costs.   Less water means higher vegetable solids, resulting in more pieces per pound - better value - saves space - less weight.

More Intense Flavor & Color.  The 30 - 50% increase in vegetable solids results in products with brighter color and concentrated flavor.

Consistent Quality.  Control of raw material thru all process steps - including White Oak’s proprietary SHS micro control unit - assures consistant year round quality and safety.

Additonal Benefits:

  • Free moisture is eliminated.
  • Little or no product shrinkage.
  • Smaller and fewer ice crystals
  • Minimal damage to cell structure benefits:
    • Improved functionality
    • Better texture, color and flavor
    • Improved piece identity
    • Remove free water transfer in formulas and finished products
  • Processing ease avoids:
    • Less fusion of pieces during freeze-thaw cycles
    • Peeling, trimming, or waste issues
  • Bottom line cost savings by:
    • Lower freight, storage, and handling costs
    • Higher piece count per pound